Dublanc Art Studio is a collective for discussion, exhibition and sale of art. We are a group of artists that share our individual visions of life, related professions and interests. Our work comes together at many predictable and unpredictable points. We complement each other in different media including sculptural, pictorial, poetic-narrative, architectural, design and social art. We believe that life has to be nourished by art and creativity to achieve greater fulfilment.


This artistic conviction was seeded in the musical work of the spouses Emilio Dublanc (1911-1990) and Lucrecia Gomez (1908-1987).

Our visions intertwine from various perspectives.

Architecture is seen as a field where musical elements are reflected; thus: harmony, melody and rhythm find their counterpart in function, form and technology. Artistic expression through perspective, creates in the illusion of the third dimension, a reflection of a dynamic urban landscape.

The three-dimensional expression in sculpture constitutes a field of research and inspiration: in the movement of the body and its shadow, in the human search for balance and in the multiple layers of our personality. The sculptural studies on paper are part of the collection.

Illustrative works are exhibited with a strong interest in the organic world in constant transformation, they carry awareness of the ephemeral character of Nature and the need for environmental care.

Our work uses design and proportion as compositional elements and as a functional discipline. We use mixed media, analogue and digital works with attention to colour and its nuances and the search for beauty from an integral vision.
Search for nobility and meaning in a world often disconnected, deconstructed. We are in search of forms and new paths of expression.

We are a group based in UK and South America.

Carlos Dublanc
Elisa Dublanc
Felipe Dublanc